CPTC Exam Prep Training

Why Certification?

The Society for Technical Communication (STC) re-launched its certification program in early 2016, with a new focus on helping technical communicators at all levels validate their skills, expertise, and value to employers. Since then, more than 100 individuals have achieved the first tier, the CPTC Foundation Certification. This certification validates the candidates’ knowledge of nine core competencies of technical communication:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Organizational Design
  • Written Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Reviewing and Editing
  • Content Management
  • Production and Delivery

Preparing for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) Exam

Group Wellesley is one of five authorized trainers to deliver the CPTC Exam Preparation Course. This two-day live or live online course covers all knowledge and concepts necessary to pass the CPTC Foundation Certification exam.

STC developed the CPTC program with the support of APMG, a UK-based firm that helps professional associations develop and deploy certification programs. The instructor, Alan Houser, is certified by APMG as a CPTC instructor. The course fee includes a sitting of the exam.


What You Will Learn

Covered concepts include:

  • Six questions that will help you to assess your audience and their context
  • The five phases of a technical communication project
  • The four phases of team-building
  • The most common types of technical documents and components of each
  • Techniques for testing your documents
  • Key principles of visual design
  • Techniques for gathering, organizing, and validating source material

And much more!

The course is highly interactive, with mini-projects and group exercises.

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The Value of Certification

For Employees, Consultants, Contractors, and Freelancers

  • Validate your skills
  • Improve your value in the workforce
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession

For Employers

  • Establish a baseline of knowledge and skills
  • Distinguish your technical communication team
  • Employ Certified Professionals as a competitive advantage

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