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Group Wellesley, Inc. is a boutique technical communication consulting firm, which supports organizations in improving the efficiency of their technical publishing processes and workflows.

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We’re ready to help you optimize your existing documentation processes or recommend how to build your own.


We can edit, author, and deliver documentation solutions to any of your users.


Group Wellesley certified trainers offer courses in Adobe and IBM products, as well as XML, DITA, and XSLT best practices.

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Group Wellesely, Inc. participates in a variety of events throughout the year and provides several sessions of our CPTC Exam Prep Course.


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This course covers knowledge and concepts necessary to pass the CPTC Foundation Certification exam.


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Group Wellesley, Inc.         6425 Living Place, Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA. 15206 arh@groupwellesley.com

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