Last week I had the privilege of representing the Society for Technical Communication at the semi-annual meeting of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Advisory Committee, this time in Beijing. As a W3C member, the STC participates in W3C governance. Perhaps more importantly, the STC can place members in W3C member-only roles, like participation in W3C working groups. There is substantial interest by the W3C in increasing the participation and support of the STC in its standards development and communication activities.

The W3C is working on standards in several important and exciting areas, including accessibilitymobile devices, the next generation of HTML, and the next generation of the Web itself, the Semantic Web. Leaders from each of these areas are interested in support for drafting specification documents (the W3C calls them Recommendations), and for writing and editing supporting documents to explain W3C Recommendations to appropriate audiences.
More on that later.