At last week’s STC Summit, Adobe broke with long-standing corporate policy and demonstrated not-yet-released versions of FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and Captivate. Adobe has asked that the following corporate legalese appear in any mention of the STC Summit demonstrations:

The features presented during the Technology Sneak peak contain proof of concept features and features in the development pipeline. They are not final for the next release however we want to take this opportunity to show the general direction of where we are taking the products.

Unreleased FrameMaker features that Adobe demonstrated at the STC Summit include:

  • Unicode
  • DITA support
  • Flash and 3D support
  • Vista Support and docx import
  • Track Text Edits
  • Attribute based filtering /output
  • Import of XML and CSS files
  • Conditional Text Enhancements

We are pleased by Adobe’s new corporate openness, especially with respect to its tools for technical communicators. We have been hearing the “FrameMaker is dead” rumors for far too long, and hope that Adobe’s continuing presence at events like the STC Summit helps to put these rumors to rest.